Internship Program


We value the fresh education, ideas, and talent of young adults and college students and invite you to be a part of our internship program! We provide experiential, cross-cultural learning that combines knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development in a professional school setting. This is an opportunity for interns to gain valuable, hands-on experience to assess if this is a career path best suitable for them. It also benefits our school greatly to have international insight and another English-speaking person help guide our students, assist our staff, and evaluate our school approach and talent! 

On a deeper level, you are part of changing destinies by assisting a child’s education who without it, would not have an opportunity for a dignified career!

What you'll do

– Collaborate with a mentor to create lesson plans, new object lessons, teaching aids, songs, etc. to enhance learning

– Teach different grades (focusing on Kindergarten through 2 grade)

– Assist in extra-curricular activities and/or electives (dance, choir, etc.)

– Plan monthly birthday parties and/or events like field day, drama day, etc.

-Assist house parents in residential living and invest in children’s personal growth

-Time spent: in the classroom, serving and assisting experienced teachers, being the lead teacher which means conducting all classroom affairs and teaching, assisting with homework time, be present during meal and game time, and learn the native language

-Weekly evaluation with a mentor

*We are flexible to adapt the program to earn course credit.


The best way to learn cross-cultural relations is to be fully immersed in the culture. Therefore, you will stay on our residential school campus and be involved with the daily flow and tasks of our sponsored students in addition to your teaching job during the day. The campus is on
the foothills of the Himalayas surrounded by rice fields and mountains; it’s a sight to see!

Surrounding attractions include a mall, safari, mountain towns for day excursions, train, and more.

Accommodations Include:

– Personal AC room with bed and attached bathroom with a shower

– Access to common kitchen facilities with basic amenities of refrigerator, stove and microwave

– Washer and dryer

– All meals cooked by the residential staff

– Minor medicine

Time Commitment

The preferred time commitment is 4-6 weeks per session. 

Application Process

Step 1: Apply

Apply through our application below.

Step 2: Background Check

Complete a background check through the service and link we provide.

Step 3: Interviews

The final step in the application process is interviews with a Changing Destiny staff member and the school principal.

Step 4: Letter

You will receive a letter about your acceptance status and your potential job description.

Step 5: Logistics

We will walk with you through the process of applying for your visa, booking plane tickets, and more! You will receive a packet of information prepping you for your internship that includes history of the city, cultural tendencies, what to wear, how to handle conversations and more.

Step 6: Welcome our school! We look forward to having you!


Start the Process Today!

The School Project

We believe English education has the power to break the cycle of injustice and lack of opportunity in a family’s life and give a child a chance in the ever-growing, modern South Asia and world.

Therefore, we educate our children in a high-quality, English-medium school. One where English is the primary language used during instruction.

Our school provides:

  • Local teachers
  • International board and influence
  • Computer training
  • Extracurricular activities (sports, dance, music)
  • Counseling
  • Life skills training (cooking, agriculture)

In addition, we provide on-campus, safe-housing; known as a hostel. This includes:

  • House moms that truly care for our children
  • Nutritional, warm, tasty meals and snacks
  • All clothing and school needs provided for
  • Medical care
  • Study time and play time
  • Safety and security

We strongly believe in working together to make a difference. It takes many voices to speak into one person’s life. We welcome teams, especially with international persons, to love on our children, to teach them new things, to give our children exposure to the “outside” world, and to practice their English-speaking. 

We understand that the child will have a decision to make once they graduate. Will they return to the life they saw when they were a little child? Or, do they take everything they have been given, a changed destiny, and go change other destinies? Our dream is that through their years at our school and home, these children will take prominent jobs in society and change the world for the good. We are committed to their safety even as they transition into a dignified profession in the real world.

“When I grow up, I want to be a doctor so that I can help other people like the doctor did for my mom.” – Student, grade 6

Night Program

On any given night the babies of sex workers are exposed to an unimaginable amount of atrocities and dangers. Often these little ones are physically and verbally abused, drugged to keep quiet through the night, left to wander the streets alone, or left lying next to their mother as she takes in client after client. These children are some of the most vulnerable. 

In partnership with a trusted organization, we have started a night shelter for these precious babies under the age of five. This night care provides:

  • A safe place to sleep 
  • An open place to play 
  • A clean place to bathe 
  • A nutritious meal to eat

Having this night care shelter also provides the opportunity to connect with more women in the red-light areas. The more women we connect with allows us to hear more of their needs and desires and hopefully provide a solution to change their destiny. 

We are in no way in support of what these women do every night. However, we care for the child who is otherwise left alone in their most vulnerable state. We care for the child that is forgotten. We care for the child that did not choose this life. 

Our hope is that through this night care and through the relationships built, the mothers will want to send their children to our residential school. 

Beauty Program

Vocational Training-

We believe vocational training can ignite forgotten dreams and give the opportunity for a bright future with a dignified career. One injustice we work with is human trafficking and sexual slavery. Many women are stuck in this trade because of illegal debt, while many others are stuck because of their limited, to no, education. Vocational training empowers these women to fight for their future. They too have a right to education.

Our beauty program launched in response to many women’s interest in this skill. They spoke, we listened. They dreamed, we responded.

This training includes:

  • Intro to Beauty Course
    • Beauty (facials, nail care)
    • Haircutting
    • Makeup
    • Life skills
  • Advanced Training Course
    • Haircutting
    • Hair color
    • Texture services
    • Life skills
“I love school. This school is different. When I come here, I feel at peace. It feels like family.” ~2019 Student