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Who Can Visit?

Not only does it benefit us, it benefits you! Join us, as an individual or a team, in making a difference in South Asia. 


Are you interested in visiting, but do not have a large group to come with? Do not worry, Changing Destiny can still host individuals, couples, and small groups. We have designated a few weeks just for YOU! Just fill out the application and someone from our team will connect with you and answer any questions you have.


We love hosting mission teams and vision trips. Please fill out the application on behalf of your team and someone from our team will help you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Why You Should Come

We need you to visit! You help the children and women see a better life.

Our guests teach the children songs, dance, drama, sports, and baking. They teach them to smile, to laugh and to be kids again. And most of all, guests teach our children English, which without which they will not have a chance at life in a progressive South Asia. When you visit you also encourage and motivate our ladies wanting to leave their life of bondage to continue their vocational training in their perspective courses. In addition, visiting the training centers in the red-light districts prove to the women that they are valued and loved.


Tentative Schedule

Day 1 - Arrive in South Asia
Day 2 - Full day visiting our training center
Day 3 - Domestic flight to our school
Day 4 - Residential school visit
Day 5 - Residential school visit
Day 6 - Free Day
Day 7 - Fly to home base in the afternoon & fly home at night


Changing Destiny does not include cost of airfare as it varies depending on where you are traveling from. Round-trip airfare costs can range from $1,200 – $1,800 or more depending on time of year, airline, luggage fees, and departure city.

Once you arrive, we estimate your trip will cost around $1,120.

Changing Destiny will handle all domestic logistics including hotels, meals, ground transportation and domestic flights.

*This cost will change depending on your travel preferences.

Important Information

  • This travel requires a visa. A tourist visa can be applied for online as an e-visa. Passports have to have a minimum of 6 months validity from date of travel before applying for a visa. Further details on filling in the visa form will follow in the next set of communications.
  • Pictures of locations can be provided on request.
  • Accommodation is usually at 3-star hotels where bottled water and clean food is provided with air-conditioned rooms.
  • There will be a dedicated host from Changing Destiny for short-term mission teams.
  • The schedule can be adjusted if there are other requirements for teams.
  • Teams under 15 are preferred for transportation and other logistics.

What Our Visitors Say

Visit us today!

The School Project

We believe English education has the power to break the cycle of injustice and lack of opportunity in a family’s life and give a child a chance in the ever-growing, modern South Asia and world.

Therefore, we educate our children in a high-quality, English-medium school. One where English is the primary language used during instruction.

Our school provides:

  • Local teachers
  • International board and influence
  • Computer training
  • Extracurricular activities (sports, dance, music)
  • Counseling
  • Life skills training (cooking, agriculture)

In addition, we provide on-campus, safe-housing; known as a hostel. This includes:

  • House moms that truly care for our children
  • Nutritional, warm, tasty meals and snacks
  • All clothing and school needs provided for
  • Medical care
  • Study time and play time
  • Safety and security

We strongly believe in working together to make a difference. It takes many voices to speak into one person’s life. We welcome teams, especially with international persons, to love on our children, to teach them new things, to give our children exposure to the “outside” world, and to practice their English-speaking. 

We understand that the child will have a decision to make once they graduate. Will they return to the life they saw when they were a little child? Or, do they take everything they have been given, a changed destiny, and go change other destinies? Our dream is that through their years at our school and home, these children will take prominent jobs in society and change the world for the good. We are committed to their safety even as they transition into a dignified profession in the real world.

“When I grow up, I want to be a doctor so that I can help other people like the doctor did for my mom.” – Student, grade 6

Night Program

On any given night the babies of sex workers are exposed to an unimaginable amount of atrocities and dangers. Often these little ones are physically and verbally abused, drugged to keep quiet through the night, left to wander the streets alone, or left lying next to their mother as she takes in client after client. These children are some of the most vulnerable. 

In partnership with a trusted organization, we have started a night shelter for these precious babies under the age of five. This night care provides:

  • A safe place to sleep 
  • An open place to play 
  • A clean place to bathe 
  • A nutritious meal to eat

Having this night care shelter also provides the opportunity to connect with more women in the red-light areas. The more women we connect with allows us to hear more of their needs and desires and hopefully provide a solution to change their destiny. 

We are in no way in support of what these women do every night. However, we care for the child who is otherwise left alone in their most vulnerable state. We care for the child that is forgotten. We care for the child that did not choose this life. 

Our hope is that through this night care and through the relationships built, the mothers will want to send their children to our residential school. 

Beauty Program

Vocational Training-

We believe vocational training can ignite forgotten dreams and give the opportunity for a bright future with a dignified career. One injustice we work with is human trafficking and sexual slavery. Many women are stuck in this trade because of illegal debt, while many others are stuck because of their limited, to no, education. Vocational training empowers these women to fight for their future. They too have a right to education.

Our beauty program launched in response to many women’s interest in this skill. They spoke, we listened. They dreamed, we responded.

This training includes:

  • Intro to Beauty Course
    • Beauty (facials, nail care)
    • Haircutting
    • Makeup
    • Life skills
  • Advanced Training Course
    • Haircutting
    • Hair color
    • Texture services
    • Life skills
“I love school. This school is different. When I come here, I feel at peace. It feels like family.” ~2019 Student